How to Choose a School Technology Resources Product

Our Most Frequently Asked Question: What is the difference between the Scope On A Rope L2 and the ProScope HR2?

There are four differences between the Scope On A Rope L2 and the ProScope HR2:

1. Output Cable Connection
Scope On A Rope L2 – TV / projector / VCR / computer (with optional adaptor)
ProScope HR2 – USB computer only

2. Image Quality / Resolution
Scope On A Rope L2 – higher resolution
ProScope HR2 – lower resolution (1.3 MP)

3. Image Capture Capability
Scope On A Rope L2 – can capture with optional adaptor
ProScope HR2 – captures automatically with included software, no adaptor needed

4. Price
Scope On A Rope L2 – slightly more expensive
ProScope HR2 – slightly less expensive

Scope on a Rope L2 Pricing     Proscope HR2 Pricing

See more details regarding the differences here.


What types of products does School Technology Resources offer?

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How do I choose the right hand-held microscope/camera?

This comparison chart (PDF) will help you pick a camera that matches your needs.

This short movie will introduce you to the features of School TR's cameras.


How do I choose the right Education Kit?

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