Loan Program

Earn Discounts For Sharing Your Loan! Click For Details.


Through STR's loan program, educational organizations can borrow most units of our hand-held video camera microscopes. The loan period is typically two weeks long and there is no cost or fee required to borrow equipment. STR pays shipping expenses both ways. STR has worked with over 500 teachers and administrators in the past 6 years loaning out hundred of units with success. Here's why:


• Allows those who are interested in our products to use them first hand in the environment where they will potentially be used.
• Demonstrate to other teacher's, colleagues, or administrators the value of the equipment.
• Allows students and teachers to actually use the equipment and experience how easy they are and how much it enhances the learning process.
• Demonstrate the value of these tools to potential funding sources.
• Earn discounts for sharing your loan (click for details).


1. Call or email us if you want help selecting the right product for your needs (877-395-1001,
2. Fill out and sign the Evaluation Unit Agreement form (click to download) and fax back to STR at 866-991-9591.
3. Upon receipt of the signed form, STR will ship the loan unit.

You will then have the opportunity to purchase the unit by sending in a Purchase Order or to pay by credit card or check. In most cases, the loan unit will be brand new, used by you for the first time, but in some cases, we include some previously used items. You may, of course, send the unit back to us after the agreed loan period has ended with no obligation.